Ana Trade Co. As a leading manufacturer exporter of dried fruits and nuts in Iran, in which we are boasting and honor about our abilities to provide our customers’ needs around the world with best quality products that meet or exceed their requirements.

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Due to  locating our country in the best climatically and meteorologically conditions and profiting the best sun affects, our products are admirable in taste and odor and are right products offered for every taste.

We are the supplier for fresh tasty naturally grown nuts which are led by our passion to supply fresh, flavorful and pesticide-free products that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well.
Combining the traditional farming methods that are still used by our local farmers with our experience of the past and highly motivated team work players who deeply believe in producing high quality products in the limited period of time, we earned a reputation for having a solid relationship with customers and providing the best insurance product at the lowest price.

This company extend its activity in the field of below reflected comments:

Supplying dried fruits such as types of raisins, pistachio, almond and nuts, dried apricot, figs, hazelnuts, dates and etc. The slogan of this company is ” best quality and best packaging